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Success is turning out the lights, slipping under the covers, and thinking to yourself, it just doesn't get much better than this."

Zig Ziggler 

Welcome to Menus For Success

This web was written to share and exchange ideas with you regarding the meaning of success.  The web is written as an outline on how to create a more successful lifestyle.  This site evolved from my experiences, observations and readings over my lifetime as  clinical psychologist, financial  planner, broker, investor and educator. 

 I have included links to other web sites and a reading list with links to book sellers to facilitate your study of the topics introduced here.  I have entered into affiliate programs with Amazon and Traders Press and any materials ordered through this site will help defray the cost of hosting this site.  This site does not offer stock tips nor advice on get rich schemes.  The  objective of this web site is to provide an outline on how to become a more successful lifestyle through planning, goal setting, time management and successful informed investing. 

I hope you will enjoy and profit from Menus For Success. Com,  tell your friends if you like it, tell me why if you don't.  I will publish a workbook in the future, check back or better yet bookmark this site as I will update it as time permits.  I wish you success.  Let me know what you think.  e-mail me at